King Faisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
The King Faisal University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was one of the last stops for Mauro Cassese, who has committed himself to the best hospitals and research centers in his proctoring (training) sessions on percutaneous aortic valve implantation techniques (TAVI). In March 2016 (see the photo gallery), Prof. Cassese undertook one of his specialization sessions, teaching cardiac surgeon colleagues to perfect the minimally invasive techniques. The proctoring activities in major hospitals around the world has been going on for some time and Prof. Cassese has already trained hundreds of surgeons, not limiting himself only to the transfer of "technical" skills, but also spreading the "culture" of minimally-invasive approaches in the treatment of cardiac diseases. King Feisal University King Feisal University 3 King Feisal University 4

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