KOBE – JAPAN. The proctoring work of cardiac surgeon, Prof. Cassese
A stop in the Land of the Rising Sun for Prof. Mauro Cassese, who arrived in Japan for a session of cardiac surgery proctoring, designed for the TAVI team of the prestigious University of Kobe. The Japanese colleagues were able for the first time to perform a transcatheter aortic valve implantation, using the TAVI method under the expert guidance of Dr. Cassese who directed operations. Before working in the operating room, the distinguished heart surgeon introduced the young Japanese doctors to transaortic and transfemoral approaches with a theoretical lesson on operating with the help of TAVI techniques. (The photos show the Kobe City Medical Center at Kobe University and training with the clinical specialists of the TAVI Team.) F0376FE0-D985-408B-86A8-AAC338D3FE27 70310C6A-FE46-4803-9D23-33B4764A3742

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