Lebanese American University,  Lebanon
Mauro Cassese, cardio-surgeon and certified international proctor, illustrated the TAVI procedure for replacing the aortic valve, using a transcatheter approach (TAVI), to colleagues at the Lebanese American University Medical Center – Rizk Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon, a center of excellence in Middle Eastern health care, which has a particular focus on humanizing health. The proctoring activity carried out by Prof. Cassese allows doctors to acquire the technical skills needed to execute the procedure, in the presence of a mentor who explains what procedures need to be performed, corrects any errors and advises colleagues on the basis of his long experience with this type of implant. Promoter of a real ‘TAVI School’, the Italian heart surgeon’s objective is to disseminate the skills and techniques that minimize invasive operations (a vital consideration for many cardiology patients) and offer the best possible surgical solutions in the treatment of valvular and coronary diseases. BEIRUT (Libano), dicembre 2017 University American Lebabanon Hospital  Hospital Admission

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