National Guard Hospital, Saudi Arabia
Another Arab stop, this time in Riyadh, for Prof. Mauro Cassese, who continues his rigorous globetrotting activity of proctoring. Mauro Cassese is in fact one of the few cardiac surgeons certified to train other colleagues in the performance of TAVI (aortic valve transcatheter implant). This minimally invasive procedure allows surgeons to intervene in cases of aortic stenosis in otherwise inoperable patients (for example, oncology patients or those whose condition is compromised by other pathologies). By minimizing invasiveness, TAVI also guarantees much shorter recovery times than open-heart surgery. This is clearly a great advantage, given that stenosis mostly affects elderly patients who are often affected by other age-related diseases. Colleagues at the Center in Riyadh – one of the most esteemed medical centers in the Middle East – are very enthusiastic, not only about the training itself but also at the clinical level.   national guard hospital king abdulaziz medical city riyadh

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