San Giovanni Rotondo: 18 months of excellence for the Cardiac Surgery Department directed by Prof. Cassese
The new Cardiac Surgery Department of the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza Hospital in San Giovanni Rotondo (FG), directed by Prof. Mauro Cassese, has been in operation for 18 months. And the results of this year and a half of activity have been extremely positive. Prof. Cassese and his staff have performed more than 500 cardiac surgery interventions, including TAVI, mitral valve operations, revascularizations, plastic valve replacements and other complex interventions. Equipped with a hybrid operating room housing the best diagnostic technologies, the Cardiac Surgery Department’s contribution has further increased the prestige of the large multi-specialty hospital in Gargano, a real center of excellence in central and southern Italy. Thanks are due to all the nursing and paramedic staff of the department and, in particular, to the doctors: Maurizio Braccio (Head of the Simple Cardiac Surgery Operating Unit) Rossella Alemanni (Head of  the Digital Laboratory of Echocardio Surgery) Eleonora Russo (Head of the Cardiovascular Surgery Recovery Ward) Paola Spatuzza (Head of the Transcatheter Surgical Therapy Unit) Carlo Vigna (Head of the Operational Unit of Interventional Cardiology - Hemodynamics laboratory) Nunzio Gallo (Head of the Unit for Minimally Invasive Valve Surgery) Albino Vallabini (Head of the Unit for Surgery and Transcatheter Therapy of the Aorta)

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