The heart beyond the obstacles thanks to social networks

Imagine putting your life literally in the hands of a doctor and knowing that the bond that is being created is very strong, because it is rooted in the deepest sense of Humanity. And Professor Mauro Cassese’s patients testify to this bond and keep it alive, by spontaneously writing on his social profiles, with a long series of dense and exciting testimonials that are good for the heart.People like Vanda Simonetti, who appreciates Professor Cassese’s competences, his professionalism as well as his human and empathic approach to patients: “I didn’t know – Vanda writes – there were so many risks as regards a third cardiac surgery operation and only two days after the emergency cesarean, and with an on-going coagulation process because I was doing high-dose heparin for the mitral mechanical prosthesis already implanted in 2007. All anesthesiologists and he himself had informed us on the difficulties and the risks that we were about to face. However, he then concluded his speech: << In my opinion, nothing will happen, he is young and everything will be fine >>. And he said that with a disarming smile that made me ever since convinced that it would be like that. I was frightened but I clung to those reassuring words. Thanks, Professor Cassese, for the excellent work you did, but thanks above all for those words of hope with which I was able to survive during those days”.

“He gives life back to people” – Franco Leone writes, who not only talks about the success of the surgery but also about the Professor’s ability to give hope: “I have no words to describe Professor Cassese! Professional, human, reassuring. He gives life back to people, that’s what I think! I will NEVER forget what he did… Thanks for saving me.”

Loredana Resta recalls the “happiness in his eyes, just as he came out of the door” from the operating room. A “happiness in the eyes” that gives the sense of a job about which he is really passionate: “I will never forget the happiness in his eyes, as soon as he came out of the door we had been staring for hours, in coming to tell us that my granddaughter was safe and everything had gone all right. He is a man of unique professionalism and humanity. THANKS!!! God bless you. “

Giuseppe Nenna also says thanks to prof. Cassesse, promising to “continue to be a good father and a good husband”, also thanks to “all his incomparable team”: “Great Men who make the world a better place”.

Every success in the operating room is in fact a shared goal.

Giuseppe Lungo says thanks to Mauro Cassese, his team and the one of the Intensive Care Unit, because each person is a piece of a wonderful puzzle: “I personally knew Prof. Cassese – Lungo writes – and the whole team. I must say that they are Saints who illuminated the Cardiology department of San Giovanni Rotondo. My mother underwent replacement of the aorta valve and everything went perfectly. Good job and thank you from the bottom of our heart, Cassese, Braccio, Spatuzza, the team and the head of the Intensive Care Unit” .

Professor Cassese does not personally administer his Facebook page and Twitter profile, which are managed by a specialised agency that disseminates the scientific and professional results of the director of the  Mini-invasive Cardiac and Trans-catheter Surgery Unit at the Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza in San Giovanni Rotondo (FG).

The positive feedback by the Patients is made possible thanks to the great Roman professional and is also the demonstration of how social networks can make the heart vibrate, provided that they are well-managed and used as a proper communication and service tool by patients.